March 29th, 2021 by

Most of today’s minor fender benders are usually caused by blind spots, the lack of use of mirrors, and not being able to see what objects are in the vehicle’s surrounding environment. Recently, a friend of mine was in a small accident which involved her backing into a vehicle behind her because of a misjudgment of distance between her and the car rear of her. However, the accident would have never happened if her vehicle was equipped with a backup camera. Chevrolet is realizing the need for cameras so drivers can see the area surrounding the outside of their car and specifically the areas that are obscure to the driver.

In order to help prevent some of these minor fender benders from occurring, Chevy has created the Surround Vision Camera which provides a driver with an overhead “bird’s eye” view of the scene around the vehicle on a center display in the car. The system is made up of four cameras- the standard rear vision camera, a forward-looking camera in the front grille, and two cameras on the sides of the vehicle. This device helps a driver park and avoid crashes with nearby objects during low-speed maneuvering. I truly think this is such a remarkable piece of technology that could be immensely useful for every driver in the world including new teen drivers, parents with children, middle aged people, and the older generation. I encourage you to go to Larry Puckett Chevrolet dealership in Montgomery area and see what Surround Vision technology can do for you.

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