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Written by: Broghan Freeman: When purchasing a new vehicle, it is imperative to find a car with features that can enhance your lifestyle and make your riding experience safe and enjoyable. When it came time to buy a new car for myself before I left for college, my parents were adamant on ensuring that I had a reliable car that had technology that could help protect me and my safety, and they found this in OnStar. OnStar provides services that keep you safe, connected, and ready for any obstacle on the road. OnStar gives the driver five types of features: emergency, security, navigation, connections, and vehicle manager.

Have you been in an accident and couldn’t get to your phone to call 911? Nothing to worry about with OnStar! OnStar will come over car speakers with an automatic crash response and check to see if you are okay or if emergency services are needed. Not sure where you are and need directions? Not a problem with OnStar! With one push of a button, OnStar can provide you with turn-by-turn navigation to get you to your destination safely. Want to check to see if your car is locked or how much gas you have remaining? That’s easy! With the OnStar app, you are able to look at all of those things and more. My dad loves being able to check the gas level, oil level, tire pressure, etc. of my car right from his phone while I am 50 miles away! OnStar has given my dad some peace of mind while I am away at college because he knows that in any situation in my vehicle, I have a feature that can keep me safe and secure. You too can give your loved ones this peace of mind by stopping by Larry Puckett Chevrolet and learning more about the OnStar system in every Chevy car!

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