March 29th, 2021 by

Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility, but sometimes even the most careful driver can benefit from a little review and a few pointers. That’s where OnStar Smart Driver can help. It is available with all OnStar service plans and offers a convenient way to receive information about your driving behavior to help you maximize your Chevy’s overall performance, reduce vehicle wear and tear, enhance fuel efficiency, and improve your driving skills.
When you enroll in OnStar Smart Driver, information will be collected from your connected vehicle that will allow you to gain online access about your driving, and a clear picture of your driving behaviors and tips for improvement are given. Your personalized report shows you the total number of hard-braking events, hard-acceleration events, high-speed riving percentage, late-night driving percentage, total miles driven, and more. Daily, weekly, and monthly reports are available and the monthly report also offers an anonymous comparison to other Chevrolet drivers enrolled in OnStar Smart Driver to see how your driving compares to the rest. This is such an incredible tool that all drivers should take advantage of and I sure hope you will too!

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